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What ever happened to my profile?

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Hey my Naughties...

How are you all doing on this chilled out Sunday evening. I've had some crazy times... holiday booing to Ibiza the a fun stretch of overnights around our lovely country the UK. It's been a really lovely few days to have gotten to see so much this world has to offer, have mind-blowing sex and mega fun too. I'm feeling blessed my naughty ones! 

Anyways, as the title of this blog suggests I was just going to write a couple of quick notes about why I am no longer using the adult work website. 

Back in May I did a short tour of Rome. It was great times, and I was misguided into changing my location from UK to Italy so that it would be easier for those who wanted to meet with me whilst out there could find me. This must have flagged up something to their web masters and moderators as they then decided to without and warning delete my account and also pocket the £200 plus credits that I had on there. I did think of putting up another one, but Adultwork was mainly another alternative platform for me and also a way of organising my selfies and non airbrushed photos (that are very important to have these days as an escort). I also did a small amount of web cam stuff, but I still cam for my regulars and also new friends alike on Skype organised via email and that is working out fine for me too now. 

Everyone knows where to find me, and i've not been affected by their deletion of my profile.  i did like being on Adultwork but I was not impressed about how they handled the situation. And now if I were to stat again i'd be building…

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Sadie Long

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Here is another lovely, sensual and naughty playmate to introduce to you! Sexy Sadie Long. 

Sadie and I have been firm and intimate friends for many years now and we have always loved to play with each other and have many bad-ass adventures and escapades. 

Sadie is of mixed Mediterranean heritage and has luscious olive skin and dark brown hair. She is bubbly, sociable and chatty and always dressed impeccably for any occasion... She really does love to be a bad girl and is a DT specialist ;-) She is available for duo dates with my and also to play solo too. You can contact her on: or 07922879236 Please mention my website (lia amelia) when you get in touch with her. Sadie is also listed on Adult Work her nickname on there is misssexysadie 

Her rates are

1 hour : £300

90 minutes: £400

2 hours : £500

3 hours : £700

each addition hour: £200

Overnight: £1500

Love Lia Amelia xx

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Wishes for sexiness naughtiness and fabulousness!

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Hello all you Naughty Sexy-ones! 

Ever wanted me to wear something sexy and special for you, play with a decadent toy for you, or simply treat me like the bad-ass princess that I am:

(copy n paste or click on the link on the links page) 

It has a different variety of items on it than my wish list on the other site I have a profile on... And don't be put off by the fact there are more expensive items on this list, im a princess who loves to dream, not expect or demand (plus it was so much fun to virtually click away on there hehe ;) 

All gifts bought get a pic for you of me 'enjoying them' just for you. 

Hope to see you all soon round swinging London Town :) 

Stay Naughty


Lia-Amelia xx

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About my next photo shoot...

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Hey my Naughty People! 

I hope that you are all having a lovely day here in London town... All looking nice and autumnal here in town and I have had a lovely sexy day so far with a naughty duo and some water-sports thrown in too for good measure hehe! 

Anyways... to the matter in hand. My next photoshoot! As you probably have realised, I usually update my pictures on my site every 6 months or so and a longer time has gone by since my sexy winter 2015 shoot, which the lovely Olivia Rose joined me on (to ride a black horse ;) - In our birthday suits! 

I'm actually going to wait a little longer before having my next professional shoot done with the very talented At Glamour London... because I'm having another boob job in early Jan to tweak the size and profile of my boobs. I have enjoyed being a big bobbed bombshell, but they are a bit too wide for me and not measuring a 32G just making life so hard to find clothes and exercise, as I'm getting into dancing again and a cup size of 32DD / E tops as a bra size will suit me better. Plus my implants are going to be switched to ultra high profile so they look less 'wide' 

I want this to be my last surgery and then I will be happy ;-) So, my new shoot will be some time in Feb when I've recovered from my operation and have gotten back into my work outs etc and will be ready to do a fun, hot sexy shoot with lots of cool ideas and bad-ass poses and outfits! 

In the meantime, those who are planning to come and visit me, enjoy my G cups before they…

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