Of Tweets, Trolls & Tribulations

Hi Naughty People and blog followers! 

Am writing this as the sun is setting on my last day here in Vegas, boo hoo! It's been truly great out here this year. A great mix of different kinds of naughtiness, duos, orgies, trips to the desert, shows to sing along to, days by the pool relaxing and partying. I'm happy to have taken some time out for half of this last day to hit the spa and pool and just read and relax and process exactly what just happened in these few whirlwind days. Phew! 

Anyways... As myself and a lot of my lovely clients, and also friends in this industry (both in UK and here stateside) have been commenting and noticing, there is an awful lot of hate going around on 'a forum' about me, some of my other fellow girls and now it's been extended to being thrown at my known regular clients too. 

This, whole thing started when a Tweet was posted which was a joke between a regular and I who I apparently 'outed' however we are scheduled to meet in November as we were before so he can't be that pissed. A prolific poster of 'the forum' took to it to voice his displeasure in my action of my twitter page, things just snowballed as I refused to keep quiet about the direct bullying and sheer hate directed towards me, since the media was not even posted on 'the board' it was on MY own personal Twitter. It is the choice of the individual alone to follow and look at my Twitter page, the user of 'the board' then actually went and reposted the media on 'the board' himself, thus worsening the apprent 'outing' which wasn't even an actual outing since my client is aware of the tweet and the joke. I never force anyone to follow me on Twitter, that is what the unfollow button is for, if something offends you or is too 'close to the mark' for your liking, the simplest thing is to unfollow and ignore, I have never demanded that any person in this industry follow me or listen to me, and never will, that will always be of their own free choice and that is how it will stay with me. 

I decided that I didn't want anything more to do with 'the forum' and have my REVIEWS (which were all positive no negatives so why would a negative review score be my reason for wanting them taken off) NOT my POSTS taken off it the issue then snowballed into a vitriolic spat, with accusations and assumptions thrown around 'the forum' involving not only me but other girls I'm friendly with and my regulars too. The clear double standards that are allowed on 'the board' displayed themselves in multiple ways on the thread that started all of this when I, as the female was berated for making a joke about a certain subject, then in the following reply, another poster jokes about child abuse, incest and mental illness, and had no one mention or pull that fact up. 

The hate even extended to a 'board' poster opening up a Twitter account especially to troll me through the extremely brave method of sending me private messages, instructing me to develop an eating disorder and commit suicide (the very joke that he is so enraged about and is behind his hate campaign, so of course, go and advocate another human being to do so in the same breath, make perfect sense... doesn't it ;) And then went on to refer me to being 'sub human and a whore so i do not deserve to exist', which once again befuddled my sub human brain why someone who had this opinion of 'whores' would rack up over 500 posts on 'a board' and pay money into their lives by visiting them and reviewing them etc. Very co-incidentally these tweets came through at 1.30am UK time on a saturday just when I'd posted snaps and tweets of me enjoying myself at the Rehab beach club... The act of trying to tear someone down from them having their own good natured fun just to make themselves feel better out of the blue is an act that comes from pure hate and meanness and has no sense or purpose to it, just like my sub-human whore life ;) 

Since then, there have been comments all over 'the board' about my looks, weight, age of 55 plus years ;) my role as a pimp?! when all I do is let those interested know which ladies I enjoy in duo dates, and also some of my apparent friends and supporters, whom i actually just have as Twitter followers and haven't even met or spoken to?! As much as I've seen the threads out there about me, which having had death threats now sent to me, you can't blame me for being curious to get more information about what was going on, these patrons of 'the board' seem to follow my Twitter and blog enough to report and repost screen shots and links of what I have said, which is what I don't understand... If I'm such an insignificant little thing, why avidly watch my online doings? I expect this blog will be posted in due time, and more hate come my way.

Oh well, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, I am taking steps back and beginning to focus on other things. But will I stop enjoying my naughty lifestyle with my likeminded lovely people, hell no! This is not the first time me, or others have received hate and it won't be the last. What can we do? Nothing at all and keep doing our thing and no one should ever feel they can't say their side when faced with bullies and negativity., 

I just wanted to have my say today. 

Love Lia Amelia xx