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My Girlfriend Paige

Hi all my Naughty People! 

I hope you have all had an amazing summer time... My one has been crazy, with plenty of travel and play and fun times. It is nice to be back to London now though and to reconnect with all my lovely friends here for even more fun :)

With the nights closing in and the weather getting cooler there is nothing better than to find yourself reconnecting with a naughty buddy for playtimes and more. My friend Paige is my perfect autumn playmate. She loves duo dates and also meeting like minded naughty and fun friends too. We very much enjoyed doing a photo shoot together back earlier in the year, the pictures are finally up on my site now... we hope you like the pictures too. 

Love Lia Amelia xx

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Getting Ready for Houston!

Good Morning Naughty people! 

Just sat here writing this blog with my girl Sadie Long, getting totally excited about hitting Houston, Texas. We're starting to pack our suitcases full of sexy lingerie, toys and goodies for us girls to play with and be naughty with when we are away. 

As it's our first time in Texas, we are wanting to get some fun reccomendations for some cool things to do on our trip, restaurants, bars, strip clubs, night clubs, spas, salons... 

Anything that will help two glam, naughty girls to make the most out of their trip :-) We will greatly appreciate and advice and tips from all of you! 

Love Lia-Amelia x

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My Next Tour... Houston Texas is booked!

Hello and happy Sunday to everyone Naughty in my world! 

I hope that you are having a great day so far. 

I'm super excited to announce that I will be touring Houston, Texas with my best Naughty girlfriend Sadie Long from May the 5th to Mat the 11th 2017. 

I look forward to connecting with all my fab friends whom I have already enjoyed fun with and also meeting many more new naughty accomplices to enjoy sexy sensual times with. 

Sadie and I will also be doing a special reduced doubles rate during this tour so watch this space as I will be announcing my rates and our special duo rates on here, my twitter, Eros tour ad and P411 if you are a member :)

I love travelling and meeting new people so am mega excited!

Bye for now and have a wonderful Sunday.

Love Lia Amelia xx 

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Of Tweets, Trolls & Tribulations

Hi Naughty People and blog followers! 

Am writing this as the sun is setting on my last day here in Vegas, boo hoo! It's been truly great out here this year. A great mix of different kinds of naughtiness, duos, orgies, trips to the desert, shows to sing along to, days by the pool relaxing and partying. I'm happy to have taken some time out for half of this last day to hit the spa and pool and just read and relax and process exactly what just happened in these few whirlwind days. Phew! 

Anyways... As myself and a lot of my lovely clients, and also friends in this industry (both in UK and here stateside) have been commenting and noticing, there is an awful lot of hate going around on 'a forum' about me, some of my other fellow girls and now it's been extended to being thrown at my known regular clients too. 

This, whole thing started when a Tweet was posted which was a joke between a regular and I who I apparently 'outed' however we are scheduled to meet in November as we were before so he can't be that pissed. A prolific poster of 'the forum' took to it to voice his displeasure in my action of my twitter page, things just snowballed as I refused to keep quiet about the direct bullying and sheer hate directed towards me, since the media was not even posted on 'the board' it was on MY own personal Twitter. It is the choice of the individual alone to follow and look at my Twitter page, the user of 'the board' then actually went and reposted the media on 'the board' himself, thus worsening the apprent 'outing' which wasn't even an actual outing since my client is aware of…

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